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Cryotherapy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Cryotherapy

Is Cryo for sports people only or can Cryo be used for other conditions other than sports injuries?
Cryotherapy has been proven to help many conditions such as arthritis, stress, anxiety and much more (Please see brochure).

Do I go in by myself or with others?
When you book in for Cryotherapy you may be booked in with someone else. We can put up to four clients at a time through Cryotherapy. People often find the procedure easier when doing the 3 minute session with others.

Can I go in with crutches or a cast?
It is no problem to go in with crutches or a cast.

Is there an age limit to use Cryo?
We allow people as young as 14 yrs old to use Cryo. Clients under 18 yrs old must be accompanied by an adult.

How many Cryo sessions do I need to do?
It is recommended for clients to do 3 sessions of Cryotherapy in the one day. This is to make sure you get maximum benefit from the treatment. You may do 3 sessions a day for up to four days. Each client will differ depending on the extent of the injury or condition and their own reasons for using the treatment.

How long do I need to leave between each session?
You must leave two hours between each session but you may leave longer if it is needed.

What can I do between sessions?
The only restrictions between sessions are not to use the sauna, steam room or Jacuzzi if you are using the Cryotherapy for injuries. We recommend against this as there is an extreme temperature difference and will counter act the cold treatment.You may use the gym, the hotel also boasts excellent bar food and restaurant and as we are in the centre of town there is plenty to do.

Can I stay longer than 3 minutes?
No, for health and safety reasons 3 minutes is the maximum time allowed.

Can I come out of the treatment before the 3 minutes is up?
Yes you may leave the Cryotherapy rooms before 3 minutes if you are uncomfortable with the treatment.

How often can I use Cryo?
You may use Cryo as often as you feel necessary. Clients may do 3 sessions each day for 4 days. The amount of Cryo treatments necessary will depend on your reason for using Cryo.

Can I use the thermal suite and get treatments while I am there.
You may get treatments in the spa but you must be completely dry of all oils before you use the Cryotherapy, so we would recommend these after your treatments.

Can I use the treatment if I have pins or plates?
Metal pins and plates are fine once they are under the skin. Metal plates that are outside the skin surface may be a contra-indication.  

What will I feel during and after Cryo?
The client should feel numbness in the legs and tingling in the skin after they come out of the chamber this should subside after about 2-3 minutes. Some clients may feel a sensation of heat coming back into the arms and legs this is normal and is only the blood returning to the limbs.

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