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What is Cyrotherapy

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

Cryotherapy is the use of extremely cold temperatures at minus 110 degree celsius to aid in the treatment of a wide range of injuries and conditions.

Cryotherapy works by cooling the entire skin surface; this stimulates the temperature receptors in the skin to communicate with the brain resulting in constriction of the peripheral blood vessels redirecting the blood to the core of the body to conserve heat.

Once the treatment is over the same blood is pumped vigorously back around the body. The enhanced blood supply that Whole Body Cryotherapy stimulates increases the oxygen and nutrient supply to areas that need revitalizing.

Sports Benefits

  • Increased recovery time from injuries
  • Enhancement of sporting performance
  • Increased recovery time from intense exercise
  • Overall faster return to training
  • Reduction of pain and swelling
  • Reduction in regeneration phase
  • Reduction of post traumatic treatment
  • Health Benefits
  • Joint Disorders
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Muscular Spasm
  • Tendopathies
  • Chronic Pain
  • Fibromayalgia
  • Arthritis

Thousands of people have used Whole Body Cryotherapy safely and effectively in Europe. The atmosphere of the chamber is dry cold so it is more tolerable and pleasant for the individual.

1.    Clients must fill in a screening form before commencing the treatment.
2.    Each client will then have their heart rate and blood pressure taken.
4.    Each client will be provided with gloves, headband, and mask.
3.    Each client must wear shorts long socks and runners, ladies may wear a bikini top or singlet.



€35 per Session (approx 15 minutes per treatment includes induction, screening & 3minute session in the Cryo Chamber) 

€90 for 3 Sessions in the one day (depending on level of injury)

We offer group discounted rates based on requirements.


Articles on Cryotherapy

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Click here to read an article on the Cryotherapy Clinic published in the Irish Times (Health & Family), September 2013 


“Cryotherapy helped speed up the recovery of both hamstring and groin tear. Felt fresh and energetic afterwards and slept well really well. Use of the Cryotherapy significantly reduced level of pain from both injuries”. Pain relief was major benefit of using the Cryotherapy, recovery time accelerated hugely now I have a good chance of playing in the next two weeks” “over the moon with the results”.

Harry Kehoe, Wexford County Hurler May 2013

“Felt much better after Cryotherapy and found the whole experience very beneficial to both my injury and body in general”.

Stephen Murphy, Wicklow County Footballer, May 2013

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