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Fish Pedicure

Fish Pedicure

The Garra Rufa fish experience is now available within the Wexford Leisure Club, at Whites of Wexford. This unique species of fish originate from middle east Countries, like Syria, Iran, Iraq and Turkey. They have been known to remove dead skin cells from bathers for many hundreds of years.

Some frequently asked questions.

Does it hurt?
No it does not hurt. The fish have no teeth, they gently remove dead skin cells by “sucking” at the skin which is assisted by the warm tank water.

What does it feel like?
For the first few minutes it will feel tickly, but you will soon settle, and enjoy the experience. It is very relaxing.

Where are you located?
You will see us as you enter the Wexford Leisure Club.

Is there any age restriction?
No there is not, although very young children have to be closely supervised by a responsible person.

How much does a foot fish pedicure cost?
10 Euros for 15 Minutes
15 Euros for 30 Minutes
Children under 12 years 5 Euros for 10 Minutes

Do you have to book?

No, but during busy times you may have a short wait. You will be able to purchase a Coffee or juice nearby whilst you await your unique experience.

I have psoriasis can you help?
There is no known cure for psoriasis, but there cannot be a much better way, to provide temporary relief, than to have our fish gentle remove, the dead skin cells, associated with this unfortunate condition. We offer a course of treatment for sufferers who have psoriasis on their “elbows.” Please call us first for further information on 053 9174217.

We look forward to introducing you to this exciting new concept soon.

We offer GIFT VOUCHERS for that special occasion.

In considering the welfare of our fish, we are not able to accept clients who have recently (within three days of a fish pedicure) applied artificial tan to their feet. Nail varnish/polish is not a problem, as the fish are only interested in “dead skin cells.”

If you have any questions please call a Team member on 053 91 74217 who will be happy to assist you. We look forward to meeting you during your stay at Whites of Wexford.

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